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1994 - Hercules and the Amazon Women
Hercules and Iolaus take time out from Iolaus' wedding preparations, to help a distant village under attack from monsters. When they reach their desti..
Kevin Sorbo Anthony Quinn
1954 - The Egyptian (English with subtitles)
In eighteenth-dynasty Egypt, Sinuhe, a poor orphan, becomes a brilliant physician and with his friend Horemheb is appointed to the service of the new ..
Jean Simmons Victor Mature
1964 - Hercules of the Desert
A fabulous land of green pastures is protected from invasion by the mysterious Valley of the Thundering Echo. Queen Farida draws together the desert t..
Kirk Morris Helene Chanel
2014 - Age of Tomorrow
Mankind must fight to survive as Earth is invaded by hostile UFOs bent on destroying the planet. As the epic battle wages on, astronauts sneak aboard ..
Kelly Hu Anthony Marks
2013 - Flying Monkeys
Teenager, Kayley Dante, gets more than she bargained for when her workaholic dad buys her a cute pet monkey who grows wings, fangs, and an insatiable ..
Electra Avellan Alvin Chon
2013 - Ryse: Son of Rome (Game Movie)
Ryse: Son of Rome tells the story of Marius Titus who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarians. Seeking revenge, Marius joins the..
Sebastian Abineri Jamie Ballard
2014 - Hercules Reborn (HD)
When a young man's bride is kidnapped by an evil king, he turns to Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing h..
John Hennigan Christian Oliver
2005 - Derailed
Charles is worn down by his home life where he and his wife struggle to cope with the demands of their daughter's illness and his job. When he meets L..
Vincent Cassel Clive Owen
2013 - Afflicted
Two best friends see their trip of a lifetime take a dark turn when one of them is struck by a mysterious affliction. Now, in a foreign land, they rac..
Derek Lee Clif Prowse
2013 - Run aka Street Run
RUN is a fast-paced, action/thriller, which centers on a street smart, 17-year-old named Daniel who practices Parkour and is both hero and thief...
Eric Roberts Kelsey Chow
2011 - Slaughtered
Kate Glover's gory 'slasher' movie is set during one terrifying night at a remote pub in the Australian outback. When a new worker joins the group of ..
Chloe Boreham Erica Baron
2013 - The Eugenist
A group of college students stumble upon an abandoned school. The students decide to explore the school just for kicks, but once inside, they find out..
Tariq Nasheed Ramona McGowan
2013 - Prisoners of the Sun (HD)
A multinational expedition discovers a lost city beneath a pyramid, where they must stop the reawakened gods of ancient Egypt from initiating the apoc..
John Rhys-Davies David Charvet
2013 - The Saratov Approach
Two missionaries are kidnapped and held for ransom while serving in Russia...
Corbin Allred Maclain Nelson
2000 - Tweety's High-Flying Adventure
A full-length animated feature starring the little yellow bird. When Col. Rimfire announces at the Looney Club his belief that cats are the most intel..
Joe Alaskey Jeff Bennett
2013 - Top Cat: The Movie
Top Cat and the gang face a new police chief, who is not at all happy with officer Dibble's performance in trying to prevent Top Cat's scams. Strickla..
Jason Harris Chris Edgerly
2001 - Wit
A renowned professor is forced to reassess her life when she is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer...
Emma Thompson Christopher Lloyd
2014 - Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (HD)
A flesh-eating virus spreads throughout a cruise ship in the Caribbean after it crashes into an abandoned scientific research boat...
Sean Astin Currie Graham
2008 - Cass
An orphaned Jamaican baby is adopted by an elderly white couple and brought up in an all white area of London and becomes one of the most feared and r..
Nonso Anozie Gavin Brocker
1963 - Twice-Told Tales
3 horror stories based on the writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne. In the 1st story titled Dr. Heidegger's Experiment, Heidegger attempts to restore the y..
Vincent Price Joyce Taylor
1968 - The Night of the Following Day
Things start to go wrong for a group of criminals after they kidnap a young heiress and hold her for ransom at a beach house in France. Fighting among..
Marlon Brando Richard Boone
1965 - Where the Spies Are
Rosser, a British intelligence agent, is murdered by communists in Beirut, whereupon Intelligence Chief MacGillivray persuades mild-mannered country d..
David Niven Francoise Dorleac
1981 - The Last Chase
In a future United States, the only transport available to an individual is public transportation. Predicated on an assertion that the oil has run out..
Lee Majors Burgess Meredith
1990 - Interzone
Humans fight mutants in a post-holocaust world...
Bruce Abbott Beatrice Ring
1988 - Desert Warrior
The wasted, post-nuclear holocaust Earth is the sight of this sci-fi adventure that chronicles the epic fight for survival between the mutant Tyrogs a..
Lou Ferrigno Shari Shattuck
1985 - Wheels of Fire
The Future is now. There are no rules and no place to hide from the deadly Highway Warriors who ravage the roads in machines of destruction...
Gary Watkins Laura Banks
1990 - Alien Seed
An alien impregnates an Earth woman so she can deliver an alien messiah to rule the world. A newspaperman finds out and tries to stop it...
Erik Estrada Heidi Paine
1999 - In Her Defense
Lawyer Andrew Garfield has a love affair with Jane, a deaf woman. A day when Jane's husband comes home early and catches them, Andrew shoots him. The ..
Marlee Matlin Daniel Pilon
1995 - The Expert
Johnny's sister is brutally attacked and murdered by a sadistic serial killer. At the trial, he is sentenced to be electrocuted..
Jeff Speakman James Brolin
1992 - The Pamela Principle
Pamela is a young actress who has moved into New York City from the midwest. She meets up with Carl who is middle-aged tailor of women's clothings and..
J.K. Dumont Kim Burnette
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